Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pink and Aqua Teddy

Afternoon my little gorgeousness.....i hope today has been kind to you all and sassy is feeling the love...yeah. well was . i was rather happy today yipeeeeeee!!! havent felt this relazed in ages...had my Drs appointment this morning and the good news is i am feeling a bit better so the tablets are kicking in..and theres a BUT!!!! its the bloomin tablets  that are causing all my bits and enormouse  fat feet...also i have had my tongue swell last night and that worried me a sadly i have to be taken off she looked them up and it does state in some people it can cause severe  swelling all over the body which in my case it has so its like a anaphylactic shock ..she then said im difficult..well thats been said i have to stay off them and not have anymore untill Sunday when i start a different course of tablets..just when i thought i could see the wood for the trees aswell..i actually smiled today...remember the chap i thought was watching and listening to me counting  Flags outside the crafty shop well i popped into see  him are arthurs  hoping  amongst his huge stock he had some sticky pads...((For crafting 3d just incase your wondering)))and he kept smiling at i just smiled back...went to pay him as he had loads for a £1-00p..he said whats up...nothing why said ..he asked if i  was i ok...yep i said..why? oh nothing sue you look different.. do i? yes he replied oh right (by the way i have known this bloke for over 25 years)..he just said  i looked different somehow ..i just said yeah im good  thanks  i paid and left.....went and picked up my repeat pricription the girls in there..asked if i was feeling better..yeah im starting to feel a bit better  thanks and left.they too were smiling so i smiled back ...i then bumped into a friend inWaitrose wed run out of coffee again and she was happy to see me as i was her i used to look after her mum till we lost her in April(we didnt actually loose her anywhere.. she sadly  passed away... i dont make a habit of loosing my residents)...and she asked if i was feeling ok you look different   i did sorrtta wonder why..i know ive not been myself lately and have had red eyes for ages..did i look that bad that today there was a real visible improvement.......was only when i got back in the car and checked my rear view as i was tring to reverse out SHOCK horror ....i had two rather huge crunchie  rice crispies stuck to my cheek...YES!! id sat in the surgery...and gone into Arthurs...walked around waitrose..and gone to the cash point..and the chemists.....with these two flamin big ricecrispies stuck to my cheek..hahahahah no wonder people were smiling..why if there friends didnt they tell me i felt a right twitt......told Andy when i got back he just laughed...and took the mickey out of me calling them warts..but the were the biggest ricecrispies you ever saw...right card im in baby mode...i love this bear and just had to do him again this time in aquas.. pink and a hint of lemon hope you like him/her my  new flowers from wild orchids everything else from stash...many thanks again .....for all your support it has meant the world to me and for the emails i have recieved a big MWAH!!!! and a sassy hug thrown in for good after  much thought and considerable  diliberation and being told i must not stop writing about  my exploits...and  sharing my adventours...why should i be the only one to have such fun.well you cant say my lifes boring...hehehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


cebelica said...

Ooooh, look at this cute card! I love it! Adorable image and I love the pastel colours. Hugs! xx

Moni said...

Hi Sassy you have made another stunning card, the image is lovely and great details and colour combo. Hugs, Moni

Cheryl Walker said...

Beautiful card Sassy!!! I LOVE it and love the colors!! I too love making pretty cards, men cards I hardly ever make, only when I need them for birthdays,fathers day, and so on...heheheheheheh Girl cards are much more fun!! :) or baby boy cards can be too!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!
Cheryl Walker

Doreen said...

What a story you do tickle me.!!!!Your card is gorgeous....fabulous image and

Inkypinkydelights said...

Aw Sassy just tell them you were advertising KELLOGS! LOL. How lovely to hear you are feeling better though. Love your card too, always such a dreamy look to them! Judy x

Donna said...

Oh my - what a beautiful card!! I've cart my cart for Wild Orchids right full, and going to put in my order! After seeing such a beauty this morning, I'm finishing up and getting my big stash. Gorgeous card, Sassy!

Well, say what you might, Sassy, but you even looked better from this side of the computer!! So rice crispy's or not, I think they saw some of the positive inner beauty come out and you were actually feeling better after getting such great news from your doc! After all, it is great news to find your feet are being caused to swell from meds - not the dangerous part about you tongue, though! God is so good, that you went to the doc on the day it got worse! I'm happy for you - now maybe you'll be able to get around better, and that always makes us feel so good!!

Have a great day - and I believe people were actually smiling because they saw your inner beauty, not the crispy's! What's not to love!!!


Liz, said...

Such a pretty card, love the pastel colours. And what a funny story - never a dull moment right enough!

Liz x

Janette said...

Oh Sassy your such a treat, always manage to raise a smile and even a don't you dare stop writing about your exploits...

Your card is pure gorgeous, just love it.xxxx

Alessandra said...

Sweetie, so glad you found what's made your feet swell up and everything! Hope the other meds will make you feel happy too!
Guess what...I just did some hoovering today LOL... and all me daft cats jumped out the cat flap LOL..
Aaaaw, I love your sweet baby card, isn't the bear the cutest??? So wonderful!
Big hugs, HRH

angelwhispers said...

What a beautiful card Sassy and loving the pastel colours just so perfect. Well you have made me giggle tonight that's just about my kind of day Sassy but why do people not tell you!! Bet you felt a right wally!!! Thanks for entering my candy. Love and hugs Chanelle xx

Nikbee said...

A gorgeous card. The image is so sweet.
Nikki x

Karina said...

What a sweet card, Sassy. I absolutely love the colours you chose for it. Wonderful pastels. And your colouring and embellishing is just fabulous.
Have a wonderful week, hun!
Hugs, Karina

mags said...

A gorgeous card Sassy. The image is lovely and such fab embellishments. Gorgeous pastel colours too.

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

OH MY STARS!!! I am rolling on the floor laughing at your rice crispy story! You poor thing ... you'd think these 'friends' would have said something other than 'are you feeling okay' LOL!! Anyways ... your card is ADORABLE and the soft pastels are beautiful! Well done my friend.
(Now to go tell hubby your story ... he too could use a good laugh ... sorry but it's just such a cute story ... it must be told!!)

Anonymous said...

love it- so wonderful colors

Sheryl said...

Hi Sassy! This card is absolutely stunning in every way!
And what a funny story! I can't believe they didn't tell you about the rice krispies!
I'm so glad that your doctor will be regulating your medications so that your swelling goes away!
Feel Better!
Have a great night!
Warmest Hugs, Sheryl

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love you Sassy - you make me laugh so much. Made myself laugh yesterday when I got ready for work in my 'professional' clothes, put on my ID badge and got in the car .... with my big fluffy slippers on, lol! Can you believe they let me teach children, lol!

Another beautiful and perfectly made card again today. Love it as usual.

Wendy L said...

This is just so eatable. xxx