Thursday, 7 June 2012

Oh dear what can the matter be

A late hello to you all...old sasy fat feet here bringing you a disater!!!! i matted the wrong image what a numpty....oh well its all stuck so thought id better show you it lol!id had another painted in pinks and browns ..but used the pink and green what a dumbo......

 had another call from work my line manager and a lady from HR are coming to see me on the 21st June...oh dear!!! not looking a bt too upset right now to say allot so forgive me for the short post hugss sassyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
meanwhile had a nice email re the mini albums you can view it here  if you want nice to get the compliment but i saw it somewhere too..just passing on like we do...


Wendy L said...

A beautiful card. Good Luck with HR visit. xxx

carol said...

hi there...This still looks gorgeous hunny, take care x carol

Doreen said...

This is just gorgeous ,what a fab image....lovely

Alessandra said...

if they are nasty to you i will come over and tell them to shut up and fuck off..ooops, excuse my language!!! no really, I hope it's not as bad as it sounds.... keeping my fingers crossed!
your card looks so wonderful, I love green so much and the image is so cute!!
Sending big hugs, HRH

Hi Marvina, thanks for all your lovely comments on "my" blog (well it's not mine actually...). My human friend gets upset every time I tell her that I do the work on her better stick to your human friend with the big feet, she needs some support now!! Meow, Bailey

Moni said...

Fab card and cute image. Love the flowers. Hope everything will be ok. Hugs,moni

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Sassy how are the feet today do you know that them hobbits are still looking for there feet. Tee Hee. Dont you go worrying your pretty little head about work i am sure it will be ok. I know when this happened to me I was a wreak but it all worked out ok. Well my little friend my beautiful box arrived today and it had the most beautiful pins it. Thank you for helping make my Birthday Very special. Hugs Sue xxx

McCrafty's Cards said...

Its beautiful Sassy, the image is adorable, and I like the green bow.
Kevin xx

Donna said...

Aw Sassy! No worries, this card looks just beautiful! I love the little lady looking for her match to a pair of shoes!

No worries about your Boss and HR - just be truthful and let them know the haps about you.

Hugs to you!

Jackie said...

Well it's not a catastrophe sassy, it's a beautiful card, love the pink and green :o)
Jackie xx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Oooooo Sassy!!!! Go over to Crafty Catz Challenge Blog! You might already know this, but just incase you don't Congrats! Judy x

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