Thursday, 21 June 2012

First Rose of Summer

Hiya everyone...are you all watching the not cant stand after the day i have had with HR visiting me even though im off on the sick with a Drs note..they came..all not as bad as i thought but all not good either and decisions have to be made....i may well let time away from work be my decision and they can shoove the BRADFORD FACTOR where the sun dont shine...right now got that of my chest had to pop out after2 hours of talks.....So i bought the new monthly Quick Cards.issue 102 .as a i fancied the free paper pack on the front lol!!! had my usual read and found something that made me wanna read more so this is what it ended up...

i do like challenges and this i sorrrta needed to be something that would take  my mind off whats been happening with work issues it made me feel so got myself a cuppa  read the instructions and as there  was alot of measuring i dont measure when i dont need to but this DID need measuring....its a book card so in my ususal vintage way this is what most of the afternoon has kept me from crying my sodding eyes out...i used old  12x12 card stock from K&CO had it ages and ages  which was double sided used three sheets to make this..the concertina was the hardest trying to get the top ..sides and the bottom pieces to slot together..but did it eventually..used a gogeous vintage image and sorry i can think where i got it whoever it was thank you so much i used lace and pleated the corners as it didnt bend and im not good a mytering....made a pocket and tag the poem is my own poem that i wrote many years ago...and my proudest achievemnet that it was published in a book *the anthology of Midland Poets* was the title and the name is of the poem is First Rose...( was hanging out the washing and had to pass a rather big  bush which to my surprise had one lovely dewy silky pink rose on it had never flowered before the poem was born)so roses  had to be my theme.. to finish off  i popped a matching old earing on the front with a cameo and bow....hope you like it i rather think its different and would look just as cute on more modern papers ans without all the embellies i the mag it said 2hrs to make ..well took me a bit longer lol!!! ttfn love and hugs sasssyxxxxxxxxxxxx


Aunty Sue said...

omg this is stunning would have taken me a week to get the sides done. Beautiful

Inkypinkydelights said...

You are amazing! This is brilliant! Ermmmm could that be a magic Moonlight image perhaps? Maybe? Anyway I love it! Judy x

sue - bearhouse said...

oh WOW!! This is stunning. Just love every single detail!
so sorry to hear about your health problems and the issues you have had with work.
It's good that you have been able to make something so truly beautiful to help you take your mind of the stress you have been through today.
I do hope you are feeling better soon
Take care
hugs Sue

angelwhispers said...

Wow Sassy this is amazing and so much detail it would have done me head you are so patient I always find cutting this out helps me relax that's only paper!! lol

I have been off work now for seven and half months I came to the end of sick pay in may and they sent me a form to send to the social and I haven't heard a word from them since!!!!!! I hope you feel ok and in the end what will be will be there is nothing we can do about it! If you want a chat email me and we can change the world together. Love and hugs Chanelle xxxx

Doreen said...

This is gorgeous Sassy,love the image and

June Nelson said...

Its amazing me darling and believe it or not im doing the same at at he minute, great minds think alike!!!! its so beautiful in the only sassy style just love it sweetie huggeis toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Donna said...

Dear Sassy girl,

Was hoping and praying to hear good, no great news from you today. No worries, Sassy, God is on you side, I know this to be true!!

Oh the book is just beautiful! Looks like it took tons of time, but tons of fun!

Here for you, my friend!
Gentle Hugs,

Jackie said...

OMG Sassy, no wonder it took a while to make this gorgeous creation :o)
Don't let them browbeat you girl, you can't be sacked while you are off sick...hugs
Jackie xx

Moni said...

Stunning vintage box, fab decoration. Hugs,Moni

Rebecca " The miss Haven " said...

This is a wonderful book card sassy :) Luv , the papers ^^
Hugs Rebecca

ahlers5 said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! your work just amazes me.

Irene said...

Hello Sassy

This is stunning and absolutely beautiful.

Berit Synnøve said...

Fabulous card ! Love your colors and details. Thanks for joining Gingerloft Challenge !
( Have you seen that you are Top 3:)? )
Hugs Berit

BethieJ said...

This is STUNNING!!! WOW! Love it!
Thank you for joining us at Gingerloft! Have a GREAT day!

Rosietoes said...

Breath taking work Sassy. Love what you do - can only wish I could do it!

Edna x