Sunday, 10 June 2012

Commision Thank you

Good morning my Gorgeousnesses......give up with  the weather weather has been cancelled due to lack of!!!hope you all are having a lovely weekend im not up too much as pills and fat feet preventing sassy from activities except crafting...i had my friend mail me for two cards she needed for Thank yous...well had a gander through my images and found this vintage out came the sewing machine..had it ages and i couldnt be bothered to get it out although its a mini sewing machine i bought especially for my cards..what a lazy bones i this is its maiden voyage....took me ages to thread the darn thing but got there in the end and this is the result..its okish but feel im very SAMEY!!! is that even a word?....i dont like the sentiment at all so thats going to be coming off and try and do something better..i used papers from papermania and mathing cut outs thats the corner thingy at the side and has a bit of glitter on very subtle..added and distrssed matting and of course a hndmade pin and my satin bow..its a gorgeous ribbon i found of ebay and is very anyway this is the first of the two  have decorated the inside to  match ...i bought myself a ATG tape gun from scotch.....what a palavier putting the reel in i really mucked up the first the end i got there and although the gun is a tad big..its great for tape running sticky edges..i love the rollers of tape but was crafting my way through lots of them and they were becoming a expensive way of bought this and as the rolls are 72 yards of sticky i thought in the long run it might save a few pennies..and its pink in colour the gun that is not the tape lol!!! am happy i bought it now...right im off for a shower now if i can left these fat feet into the bath...wish work had done the repairs and revamp on the bathroom as it has been promised to be done for the last 10 years...but no i still struggle to get in and out so terrified ill slip/fall ...last time i actaually had a bath i ended up in A&E..was found naked  when i lived temporarily at my red water unconcious.....good job i was though as the fire brigade were called..yes the fire brigade my daughter asked all the emergency services to attend..she thought id tried to slit me no!!! i feel back trying to get out and as her bath was a cast iron one i hit the back of my head and 12 stiches later..had the most horendous thoughts of all those men seeing me naked in red water...which they drained and wrapped me in tin foil as i has hypothermia(been lying there a while..unconcious.. before becky came home)im glad i was unconcious at the time as it would not have been the water that was red...i would have blushed like a beacon lol!!!! so after that episode  ( of how not too take a bath when one cant get out ) the lesson was learnt no baths just can only happen to me ......ttfn hugs to you all and thanks too sassy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Christine said...

Hi again Sassy blimey what a tail you tell so pleased your here to tell stunning soft gorgeous creation..

smiles Christine x

Heidi said...

Absolutely stunning!
Beautiful details:)
It's gorgeous Sassy, hugs:)

McCrafty's Cards said...

This is absolutely beautiful I like the image the soft colours and that big bow.
Kevin xx

karen said...

Stunning Sassy, gorgeous! hugs, Karenx

Katie K said...

Hi Sassy,
Gorgeous card, beautiful image and romanic color choice.
Have a wonderful day. Hugs,

Wendy L said...

Just gorgeous. xxxx

Moni said...

Stunning card as always. Hope you are ok. Hugs, Moni

Inkypinkydelights said...

WOw another gorgeous one too! Such a dreamy look to it. I love it! Judy x

Anonymous said...

OMW, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your story Sassy! How scary and embarrassing all at the same time! Stick to the shower girl and make sure you've got one of those non slip mat things.

Fantastic card as always - I don't know how you think of these designs!

Alessandra said...

Jesus, what a horror story you tell us... so glad you are still under us!!! OMG, the fire brigade rescued you... I just imagine some gorgoeus hungs, sixpacks and muscels and they are saving a naked Sassy :o)
Your card is so wonderful, Hun! Love the stitching!
Hugs, HRH

May said...

Gosh Sassy what a nightmare.. not being awake when you were surrounded by all those firemen (lol) bless you... your card is gorgeous.. I love it!!! Hugs May x x x

Donna said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful card, dear Sassy!

I'm laughing with you, deary, as while I've never fallen getting out of the tub, I did need to call my hubby to come rescue me. And, he has been instructed, never never NEVER call any one if I'm naked!!! Just happens as we get older, stiffer!

Thank you for sharing your laughter with us, and thank you for sharing your beauty with us!