Sunday, 2 August 2009

Wowzer twice..

Many many thanks im so chuffed to have recieved this fabby award twice from the lubberly christine
and the equally lubberly susie

i am really fed up of this pain now so these awards have cheered me no end as just sitting here is so painful there is something wrong as i shouldnt be in this much pain nearly a week after the injections and getting worried..but got to try and get to work tomoz but certainly not loking forwards to it and also me sis is unwell yorkie lover aw bless we like two bookends and not good ones at that...but my word hasnt she got the most stunning cards well i would say that wouldnt i ..pop over and visit all these fabby blogs and as for passding this on...well please feel free to display it on your blogs as your all fantastic blogging buddies.....accept it with my love ttfn xxxxx


Tracey said...

oh bless you both sassy. Hope you are getting plenty of rest and that this week you will be on the mend.

Angel wishes tracey xxxx

ps congratulations

Pamela said...

Very gentle hugs, hope you get some relief from the pain soon. I won't take the award as I've also been given it today by my mate Hazel - we're penfriends as well as blogging buddies.
Take care,sleep sweet, hugs Pamela

June said...

Well done sis, I got one too from Christine shes lovely. sorry your pains still there hun. I love you lots toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx