Sunday, 23 August 2009

Vintage rose

Hello my darlinks....well busy busy had visitors my son and my granddaughter popped down from Bradford oh the joy it was my lad is such a tonic and even though hes hurt his leg at footie and is on crutches he still cheered me up no end...and he didn't need his mashed knee to drive thank god so its been fab..we had a great day out with his other child conor who's birthday he just couldn't miss so we all went out shopping..yep round one heck of a big market him on crutches and me with me bad hip etc etc and by heck we was knacked.....but then later we all went for a family meal super dooper....then catastrophe struck!!!!!....jessica was to go to bed and all tears and woes she'd lost her bear........and would she settle nope as this is no ordinary bear hes so special he has a real heart and is called muffy....he was born in April and dad poor soul had to drive nother 40 miles to fetch muffy who by now realizing his mum has left him in the pub was happily tucking into some salt and vinegar crisps and a orange lol!!! and this was one happy girl when he turned up back into her arms i couldnt believe how important this little bear is too jess but i just hope now shell never lose him again and yes i even got to see his heart tucked inside his bits lol!!!..well didnt see it really but she told me he had one and that she even picked the colour of his fur and he has a birth certificate too.. was it ever that interesting when we had bears as kids well i surely know i just got a bog standard teddy.when i was 6 ...but hey i loved him just as much as she loves muffy...

hopes you have all had a fabby week end and heres a card i made earlier before the girlie night i had with a 8 year old going on 30 heheh


Nunt said...

Loving this <3

yvonne said...

Such a lovely card, the image is beautiful and i love what you have done with the card stock at the back with the cut outs ... Such a stunning card.

June said...

Hiya sis, its beautiful as always, and im so pleasedyou had a lovely weekend you deserve it, love the richness of the gold and pearls in this card, I knows howyou love your vintage stuff. Huggies and love from me..toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jackie said...

Beautiful card Sassy, no-one makes vintage cards like you :o)
Jackie xx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

Your sound as if your all had a fabulous time.
What a beautiful image and stunning card. I love it. The papers, lace, flowers everything.


Mandy said...

Hi Sassy I've just discovered your gorgeous blog after visiting June. You make such beautiful cards, I do love these vintage cards this one is stunning
Hugs Mandy xx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Gorgeous card, love the lace

Chris xx