Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Look me in the eyes

Hiya my loverlies..well im back to work had to just give it a go..and cor!! im fair worn out been non stop and had my boss to visit and me and the Bradford factor are gonna fall out big time (have you heard of it) well i jokingly said what do points make ....prizes...and guess what i have had a final warning cause im a sick bunnie...i do think it makes folks so scared of being ill and if your ill because a procedure went wrong I get am not a happy bunnie whatsoever..and although its down to manager discretion..i told my manager as i am a manager myself im overiding it..disgusted i am..right moan over lol!!!! i made a card with a new stamp ive had a while its made for no particular reason as i dont feel i can cope with a challenge as im still in loads of pain but i need to get my therapy back on track so i hope you like my little guy whos name escapes me and hasnt he got the most goo goo eyes......i hope youve all had a cracking day weather been so warm and just pefect even though works been tough im glad to be doing what i do as i do love my work most of the time anywas ive rambled shutting up lol..thanks for popping in to my life of sanity on my space of the wrold where its truly surround by marvelous friends like blog


Viv's Visuals said...

Love the bow in her hair Sass!! Great colour and a fab card. x

June said...

OOh me likkle sis, this is fabby, but its not coloured with polychromos, now get y our act together I wanna see some polychromo clouringi n!!!!! I demand it!!! just come ona and off to bed, docs again tomorrow wont go into detail, will mail you tomorrow sis loves ya its a brilliant card xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtoots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Christine said...

Hi Sassy sorry your having it rough at work, looks like your already back on track this is gorgeous, love the image & funky colours you used, stunning .

Christine xx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hi Sassy, don't let the bu**ers grind you down, hun.
Absolutely LOVE this card. Green is my fav. colour and this little guy is just perfect.
Caroline xxx

Diamond Doll said...

Awww Sue, sorry to hear your still poorly, i,ve been on me hols(went to weymouth and it was brill)I do hope your better soon.As for your card it,s just gorgeous, i do love that new stamp it,s adorable.
Trish (-:

Viv said...

This is gorgeous Sassy! LURV Hippy.
Her PJ's are cooool! Been on the Bradford scale meself girl, so know how you feel!!
Now I'm retired, couldn't give a damn, but THEN, it was like a slap in the face with a wet fish. I didn't choose to be ill, but as you so rightly say, it penalises you for being poorly when it can't be helped. Sue the buggers for unfair dismissal if it carries on! Yer can yer know).
Anyway, LOVE the card, love the colours, love the Hippo Chick!
Viv xxx

dizzy di said...

Just adore the citrus green - yummy!
A crackin' card Sassy ;)
Sorry about those "colleagues" humph! Like your ill intentionally???

Jackie said...

Oh I love this, fab image and I love all that green :o)
Jackie xx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

So sorry you are having a horrible time, sending you lots of hugs.

Wow, a gorgeous stunner !!!!!! love the colours and the image.


yvonne said...

That is so wrong .. Like you i have my final warning..I worked for UPS dilvering, and was off for some time, then I got some results back and they felt bad ( good ) ,lol

Your card is stunning, just love the image, such a lovely little face. Beautiful coloursand the flowers, so pretty x

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Gorgeous cards Sassy, love the hippo and the colours. Sorry to hear you're still poorly, what is the matter with some bosses, how can they justify giving you a warning 'cos your sick, take them to a tribunal if it continues, hope you feel better soon, take care

Chris xx

Vee said...

Hi Sassy, I hate it when they do that. I was off for ages with Gall bladder Op and I was told I couldn't be off again for the next year.So I struggled to work loads of times with flu, and chest infections and made myself ill. They don't care you're just a number.
Anyways I love your card and the image is fab. Love her big bow.
Hugs xx Vee