Friday, 28 August 2009

COOOOOOOOOeeeeeeee!!!! my effort to draw

COOOOOOOOOeeeee just popping in to say HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!...and cant craft as i haven't got any glasses i have gone and lost my best specs.....I've searched and searched but just cant find them been down the town to the last shops i went to and nothing i have been doing this for nearly a week re-tracing every step so i cant do much for long with me other glasses cause they just magnifying ones so they hurt and strain my eye im so mad they cost a arm and a leg so been to the opticians and my insurance and they think im covered on my house fingers also gave me a voucher for the eye test too so just need to make appointment and have given insure the new quote for two more hope it gets paid through my insurance till then im struggling with work too as i cant wear me magnifying ones all the time and cant see to write stuff or use computer if you could have seen this before i did a spell check lol!!!!!!!......anyway i saw my sis has been drawing and ant she good. bloody hell !!!! shes brilliant i thought id have a dabble haven't drawn for years...and this is what i came up with through her inspiration....haven't told her yet lol!!! she will accuse me of copying but she copies off me all the time heheh....don't yer sis..but she loves me and i love her so my sketch was taken from the image from Sarah Kay but changed the teddy to a doll.......anyway rabbited enough im trying hard to make a card got new stuff which i cant enjoy doing i hate these specs..and i get a brain ache too ...well ttfn lvs yer


Vee said...

Hey arn't you hiding you're light under a bushell!!!! This is a brilliant sketch. If this is what you can do without specs I can't wait till you get your new ones.

xx Vee

Lilacanglia said...

this is outstanding,
hope you find your glasses soon,
have a great weekend,

June said...

Wow me sis, me having dilemas too hun, will mail you asap. Full of busy and other things!!! This is brilliant and better than mine so there!!! keep the faith lol. loves ya toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

yvonne said...

Such a beautiful sketch and with out glasses fantastic x Such a beautiful image and live the doll.. she is also such a sweetie.

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hello Sassy,
sorry about your glasses, what a pain that must be. As soon as you get some new ones the old ones will appear!!!
Fabulous drawing, you are very talented. I can't even draw stick men! lol*
Caroline xxx

Jackie said...

WOW Sassy, if this is what you can do without you glasses then I can't wait to see what you come up with when you get your new ones :o)
Jackie xx

Lena Katrine said...

Jeeses! You can draw, woman! Absolutely amazingly georgeous!

Hope you'll get your glasses soon ;)

Have a great weekend! Hugs, Lena

Avril Ann said...

Sassy what a beautiful drawing, Hope you get our glasses sorted out real quick, nothing worse....I have mine glued to me head....LOL. Hugs Avril xxx

Chrissie said...

What a star Sassy! You should be designing stamps! This is fab!

The Crafty Den said...

Wow Sassy I'd love to see what you draw when you DO have your glasses!! This is amazing. Hugs, Denise x

Donnas Den said...

This is a lovely sketch and we all need to get our inspiration from somewhere.


Mandy said...

Sassy this is brilliant, you can definately draw! Hope you find your specs soon xx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Fabulous, I'd be lost without my glasses too

Chris xx