Sunday, 22 February 2009

Help Me

how do i send my pink & grey to color create???? idea lol!!!!


joey said...

Sorry hun I only just logged on this morn and saw your message. Go to the colour create blog, and click on the comments under the post, then write and to add the link use this code, make sure you copy and paste your webaddy in there, click on the title of your post so when you link it, it only brings up that card. the code is the only space you leave is between the a and the h.


hope thats not to longwinded. joey.x

Lynne-d-lou said...

Hi Sue. Sorry can't help you. I've only managed to enter 1 challenge and that was by default, and it was too late!!!

Just wanted to say what a shame you missed out on a Champneys weekend. I won't rub it in about how great it was!!! Hopefully you'll manage a trip in the future. It's certainly worth it!
Love Lynne. X

Chrissie said...

I had help the first time I wanted to do a link. This may help.
When you make a link, you are making colored text. When somebody clicks on this text, it will take them to another web page, or possibly a certain section of a web page. Let's say that you wanted to make a link from your web page, to Yahoo!. The URL of Yahoo! is:
To do this, you would type:

What ever text that you want to be colored goes here

The result would be:

What ever text that you want to be colored goes here

You can go ahead and try it if you want to.
This has been cut and pasted from this website

I keep a word document saved with my code on it, so that all I have to do is copy and paste it on the challenge blog.
I hope this helps.