Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nappie cakes..without calories

Morning me luverlies....birds are singing..the suns shining and im itching for England hahaha...but im healing nicely and still feeling good.....bored witless but good and as i bought a few packs of nappies before my op i thought id have another go at a Nappie cake or two...the neutral toned one isnt a good picci im afraid but hope you get the jist i even popped a rubber ducky for good measure and it contains nappies and clothes plus other goodies the pink is a two tired masterpiece lol...with a cute snugly ted Ive attached recipe cards to and have been practising my florists bow...what a easy thing to do once you know..good old you tube hahaha,,,anyways i think they will do.and look nicer in the flesh so to say....i ventured out yesterday and what a nice feeling not to be cooped up indoors although it never stopped raining but managed a slow hobble through tescos..and left hubby to do the food shop and to let me just hobble around at my speed witch is slow or slower hope to increase my hobble to alot speedier was just nice to go out...was almost tempted to get in one of the motorised thingies..but my driving up the Aile's wasnt gonna risk backing into the Easter egg display was bad enough when i fell into a walkers crisps display in asda..ha vent been back im sure a few big bags were flattened i just hope whoever bought them liked crushed crisps....right off for a coffee and do i little house work....lovely of you to pop in and its so good to be back..mojo not quite back to speed but hey ho!!! loves yer


sam said...

Glad everything is going well hun. You did make me laugh with the physio comments you made after the op. Good for you hun is what I say. Love these nappy cakes but still don't really know what they're all about.
Take it easy hun and keep making hubby do the shopping.
Sam x

Diamond Doll said...

Love this! arent they fab these Nappy cakes. I,m so glad you are on the mend now Sassy and i,m sure your little escapade in Asda is on the cctv LOL!!!
Take care
Trish (-: