Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Just a wee cake lol !!

Hiyas to one and all..thought id pop in and wish you all a good day....my days are pretty long at the moment and my knee is improving although i havent had a good nights sleep in ages as i get all snuggly..and i dont seem to move around much in my sleep so my knee gets stiff and very painfull it wakes me and i just cant get back off...so im totally knacked....someones pinched my mojo too..so ant a happy bunnie i feel good in myself but sick off not being able to go anywhere (like craft shopping) in my car...even a trot or hobble round tescos is a painful marathon..so afraid hubbie is on his own today...i did however have a play on sat night i have a friend who like a wee few of us (more off a cetain age ) women have sudden urges for the loo..and tenar ladies are the standing or should i say the sitting joke i bet youve heard them all if i laugh pmsl ..if i sneeze oops lol..make sure you go 10 times before going out .(in case)so as its her birthday and she loves my nappie cakes i made her one replacing the nappies with tennar ladies just for a giggle and filled it with lady goodies instead of baby products..complete with a cuddly friend a tiny pefume bottle ....all wrapped in a fluffly white towel....and she has a wicked sense of humour and laughed that much on the phone last night i reckon shes used them all hehehe.......i hope you like my cake with a twist...people do say in mad..well now i believe them lol have a good day what ever your up to and thanks for popping in it means such alot...loves to you all..keep safe and dry lol!!!! xx


sam said...

This is great Sassy - what a wicked sense of humour you have lol. Hope you get around better soon hun - I do sympathise as my mum had a hip op quite a few years ago and she as very much like you are now. It'll be worth it in the end.
Take care hun
Sam x

Jackie said...

Good morning Sassy, it's great to see you blogging again.
What a brilliant idea and really good for a laugh :o)
I do hope that you knee lets to out in the car very soon and that you can get some sleep before long!
Jackie xx

Craftyanny said...

I love that idea, just as well your friend has a sense of humour though
Anne x

June Nelson said...

Awwww I wanna nappy cake, I aint having a baby sis I just want a nappy cake, I love them and have never attempted one, I sent you mail last night did you not get it boo hoo missing you loads toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh super gorgeous Sassy, I have missed visiting
hugs June x

Sherry said...

Oh Sassy, what are you like!!!! That's so funny and like you say, I better not laugh too much - LOL. Fantastic idea though, you're so clever and witty.