Tuesday, 2 March 2010

IM still here...and a bad blogger with cakes and no calories lol

My Donation to Hospital

Well thought i had better get writing as its been ages since i have made a card oer even been blog landing but my health has been suffering and too long sitting has become unbearable....SO!!!!! my operation is booked for Monday the 8th March so i pray they can get me mobile with out this endless pain and sit more comfortable when the move my little tumour in my back naughty thing it is and my new knee and having my leg reeforced and straigtened so unlucky for you ..as no doubt when able in my recovery i will be spending some time doing what i like best stop me getting bored in meantime i have'nt been totally idle fingers i have a new grandchild due for delivery (sounds like its arriving in the post lol) in April...so not knowing what to send them i thought i would have a go at the Nappy Cake.....my word they are adddictive and goona make others to donate to my local hospital thats if they dont mistakenly chop me leggies off,,hhaha so as my way of thanking them for the much needed neonatal care i thought they could do a raffle what do think.....this big one is for my new baby and the pink is up for grabs in donations in a raffle of course on the baby ward.....they are so easy to make and the heart shaped pink happened as a mistake but liked it so i hope you all do too....lovely to say hello and ill be back in the words of good old Arnie lol!!!!!...keep em peeled and now of for a wander and see what ive been missing loads of stuff....love you all xxxx


Horners Corner said...

Good luck for your op, will be thinking of you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, Glad you are ok, well you know what I mean! Didn't know you were porly, but thought something was wrong coz you were not blogging. Good luck with op. WOW the cakes are stunning, I hope the one for the hospital make lots of dosh. Keep your pecker up.
Hugs Lesley x

Jackie said...

Good to see you Sassy, I will be thinking of you next Monday :o)
Jackie xx

freckleface said...

hey hon..hope everything goes well for you..and love the idea of the nappy cakes...where did you get the recipe?...lol...Debs x

Pamela said...

Good to see a post from you - was getting worried as no blog post and nothing on Ebay. Hope the op goes ok on Monday and that your recovery is complete and quick. Huge hugs Sue.

Sherry said...

Oh I didn't realise you were in hospital until I saw your comment on Viv's Flickr pic. I'm wishing you well for tomorrow and hope you're soon up and about - well, you'll need to be before the new arrival lands! Love your nappy cakes and your donation is sure to raise loads and loads for the baby ward.

Take care and see you very soon back in bloggerland!

Sherry xxxx

Priscilla said...

Hi Sassy, Just had to drop on and see what you are up too..Looks like all Good :) My thoughts are with you and wishing you a speedy recovery..prayers coming your way :)