Thursday, 30 July 2009

Learning to love

Well hello bloggers..yes it really is me.....still hurting from me little op monday if they'd told me it would have hurt like this i would have thought twice...but just waiting for the pain to subside.....otherwise i is ok....not been too work though so i made a card...theres a sort of story in this card....i wont bore you with the story..but rougly i was packing up a scrapbook for my sister and sending her mums silver locket over to where she lives on the Isle -of Man and we just dont get on or like each other it isnt for the want of trying....but i spoke to her when mum died and of course spoke to her 5months before when dad died that she then sounded like she had a heart..she was going down memory lane about our childhood..and dad & mum times which i remember so very fondly..but never realised she did i promised to do her a memory book as im the one that has had the contact with our parents and have all the whilst iwas wrapping it i burst into floods of tears....and telling myself i do love her and a part of me really does..i have one photo of us together and when i saw this vintage picci it amongst my collection of vintage it sorta reminded me of us the sisters...and learnnng to love...was the sentiment so this card was born out of a loving past i wish i'd had with sandra......sorry girls didnt wanna bore here it is finished..hope you like it i may undo the parcel and put this in....i also wanna send my warmest lovin wishes to my adopted sis yorkie lover (june) she not well and wish we wernt so far apart i do loves her loads.............ttfn


lil-paper-pixie said...

Stunning Sassy sweetie, I hope you feel better soon.



stephanne said...

You should slip it in there, she will know why you did. You never know when someone will open their heart back up. Beautiful card, darling image and lovely colours. Hope you get all patched up soon!!
Take Care,

Priscilla said...

Hey Sassy... sounds like you are recovering well. What a beautiful card :) Stop by sometime at the Midnight Madness. We have some new and fun things going on :) As always, a pleasure to stop by your blog :)

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Hiya sweet sassy...ok what did I miss? What was your surgery for? I've been reading through your last few posts and couldn't find it? Not nosey, just concerned! Hope you start to feel better real soon and are up to your smiling self again!
I love this card and hope that whatever you do decide to do with it works out in your favor. I can totally relate to your I wish you all the best with that. Gorgeous card anyway!
Sending you sunshiny hugs from across the pond!
Love Charlotte

Carolyn said...

Hi Sassy~ I hope you are feeling back to yourself again soon.

Your card is incredibly beautiful as they always are. You are an amazing woman. I admire you and your talent very much.

Take care!

Christine said...

Hi Sassy missed you didnt know about your op...
gorgeous card, blood IS thicker than water as they say hope you get together with sis life too short, only walk this earth ONCE so make the most of it... hope you recover real soon.

big hugs Christine xx

Jackie said...

Wnat a beautiful card. I love your vintage cards and images :o)
Jackie xx

** Irene ** said...

Morning Sassie

Oh wow , what a stunning card, also the story behind it. Hope all works out with your Sister, please let us know (if you don't mind).
I wish you lots of luck. You are certainly one fantastic amazing and so kind sister.


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Hi Sassy, trying to catch up on my blogging, had a look at all your cards I've missed and they are all fabulous.

Hope you are feeling OK now after your op, this is such a beautiful card, go ahead and send it to your sister, and maybe you can form a new relationship with her, take care

Chris xx