Monday, 20 July 2009

A Award for moi happy bunnie

Hiya...having allsorts of probs again with blogger....but hope my live in IT support manager can fix it after all he built it .....drats and double dratts...anyroad had a lovely comment and a surprise from christine who has so kindly sent me this fabby award..never saw if i had to pass it on and sure i must but will have to leave it on a back burner cause dont know how long i have left...cor sounds like im on my last legs...dont start sending the get well cards just yet....although i did nearlly have a heart attack when i went backwards on my office chair and got bubble wrap in the wheels pop!! crack!!! bang!!! bang!!!crack!! bang!! and pop!! wondered if it was chinese new year lol!!!!! didnt half frit me ....ttfn hunnies xxxxx card tomoz with a bit of luck

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Avril Ann said...

Sassy I am sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but the image I have in my head of chair, bubblewrap, fireworks, chinese people....I too got the award and was looking up my followers addresses to pass it on...Congratualtions. Hugs Avril xxx