Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Can yer see what it is yet!!!!lol

Just thought id say hello i have made a card but its gone awol...probs behind my desk as hubbies had another crack at getting my computer running better...anyhow take a look at the picture and if you can guess what it is ...a clue it begins withthe letter *T* and yes its a picci of my chest and NO its not tit......go on guess and have a titter on my me.....yes if you look closly it is a ..........TILDA!!!!! i told you me and stamping do not get on well...and this little madam jumped out of my hands and lunged at my throat and missed..phew!!!! but they are my new pyjamas top......only got em today had a bath...had a play..and this is the result...havent stopped tittering to myself at me tilda on my chest now soaking in the sink...just hope i can get her off my chest lol!!!!!! sorry for the dreaful play on words pmsl.....tfn xx


Leslie said...

too funny Sassy. I was going for eagle and manatee, but as soon as I read Tilda, I could see her. Didn't know she was so blood thirsty. Watch yourself!

Angie said...

If u cant get her of your chest,
colour her in and make her into a pattern on your top,

Vee said...

You're a case Sassy!!!. Gave me a good laugh Thanks for that... Not a bad idea having Tilda on your jim

xx Vee

Linda said...

Hi Sue, had a laugh when readin that. What r u like....Great!!Hugs to ya. xx

Jackie said...

Well I must say I thought it was an owl so when you said begins with T I thought Tawny owl LOL. As Leslie said, once you said it was Tilda it becomes plain to see :o)
Jackie xx

Sherry said...

LOL! xx

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Sue you are funny, only you could do that and laugh about it ruining your new PJ's !!! lol, I reckon that it was Tilda getting her own back on you after you and June took the mick and dressed up as Tilda earlier this year !!! lol
Hugs Susie xx
ps I hope the ink comes out xx

Susie Sugar said...

Oh I just had a thought you could start a new line in your Ebay shop selling Tilda designer PJ's !!! lol

lil-paper-pixie said...

Lol, Sassy you are a funny hunni!!

I can just see it now