Saturday, 9 May 2009

hiya........well had a brilliant day...and have laughed and cried and laughed for the first time in what seems ages....seeing my granddaughter for the first time since she was three was a extra special surprise......its a long story....but to have her back in my life is a tremendous feeling....cant tell you how much....well back to reality..and im here on my own hubby couldn't get the night off but hes off tomoz so hes taking me out....bless not a card today maybe get the promarkers out later lol!!!!......and have a wee drinky poo...although i havent drunk hardly any booze for ages since my diet started last year...and for those that knew mw well i have changed...had abinge lately by being all depressed with mum and work...but hey we all fall sometimes...and guess what i went on the swings yes the swings after our pub dinner...its a wonder they didnt break lol!!!!!


Sue said...

aww sounds like you have had a fantasic day hun, lovely to see you on the swings. Enjoy your we drinkie, we all fall of the wagon at times what ever we are doing but doesnt me we cant get back on it.
Lets hope you get to play on the swings again soon, sue.xx

Diamond Doll said...

Hiya Sue, i just sent you an email, was wondering how you,ve been today.Looks like you enjoyed having your granddaughter back,Fab Pics.OOps nearly forgot Happy Birthday Too!!!
Trish (-:

gina g said...

Happy Birthday Hun glad you had a brill time and that there was more laughter than tears lol, i love spending time with my grandchildren they are so precious. Enjoy your day tomorrow. luv gina xx

craftypagan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! What an amazing feeling it must have been to see your granddaughter again! Happy Birthday! Love Rowena

Jackie said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Sassy, looks like it was the best birthday ever :o)
Jackie xx

June said...

Aw sis wish I could have been there butnot on the swings, it send me dizzy lol!!! shes gorgeous your likkle grandaughter, and im glad your family made your day special you deserved it, its lovely seeing you so happy.
Hope you have a wonderful night out with your lovely andy bless him, dont look any older lol. Loves yer sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear 'Sue'
happy birthday to you.
It looks if you had a great b/day, with having a go of a swing and meeting your grandaughter. hugs lin xx

ps sorry it's late singing happy b/day to

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassie

Yes it's me from talking from North Yorkshire,
(see you can't get rid of me ) oh you have been a busy bee with your cards.
So pleased you had a nice birthday, and a Happy, happy Birthday to you too. Must dash
but will be home tomorrow so will have a bettter look at your fabulous creations - hope the card arrived .