Thursday, 7 May 2009

hiya!!!! tis only me.....had a little break this afternoon and had my craft fix for be honest im not that happy with this colours arnt brill .. i dunno..but suppose its an extra in the charity box....its filing up quite well now....lovely sunshine today..still nippy this morning as the winds cold but its DRY!!!!......looking out the window looks the perfect summers day...hope your all having a brill day....thanks for popping in..if you feel like leaving any comments fire away.....oh i had to move a body...oh dear !!!poor ickle mouse...oooops cats been bringing me a pressie..i dont see it that way though but i cant get to cross with puss as its in their nature to hunt and after all if we the human race hadnt domesticated the cats in the first place she be out hunting for her tea all the time.....but i feel so sad for the mouse..sadly the one that didnt get away this time .....bad pussie..not a happy mummy and have told her not to do it you think shell take nope i dont think so!!!!!!!!


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Sassy I actually like this card the colours are great and I love your profusion of flowers at the bottom, I am afraid I am still trying to get used to the idea of parting with the buds that I have been collecting for the last 3/4 years. I also have some hat pins that I must get round to using by the time I make up my mind they will be 'old fashioned' lol. Still with the shortage of money around have to be careful. Sorry to hear about the little mouse but as you quite rightly say cats and dogs do have the hunter built into their DNA more so cats unless you have a Jack Russell then he will hunt anything lol.

Lorraine x

Horners Corner said...

not sure why your not happy with this one, looks great to me. I know what you mean about feeling sorry for the mouse, but trust me, having 4 kittens that are now monsters, well shall we say the things they bring back are usually running and flying around the house until they get caught by me n let go again, its rare i get one thats not still moving, and i am not even gonna go into the whole harrowing event of lifting the sofa and having yes count it 4 mice up my leg now!!

yvonne said...

I love this card, why you dont i dont know. I think the colours are stuning and the image a real cutie.

OH Bad puddy , but like you say .. it's what they are! and nope, she will be on the hunt once again!

Christine said...

Hi Sassy this card is lovely dont know why its going in the charity box, but know what you mean, some cards I faff with all day then still be grumpy about it. Hope your feeling a little better????

hugs Christine xx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

Oh I do like this card, there is nothing wrong with it. it's gorgeous.


Avril Ann said...

I think this is a fabulous card, I love the image and the colours, it is all wonderful. I have left something for you on my blog. Hugs Avril xx

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Hey up me duck!!! Mickey mouse wants to know what happened to his dear, long lost cousin!!!.....did I hear you right...your Marvin's been nibblin' at you in big twouble with Mickey!!!! You better watch out otherwise he might send in the 7 dwarfs to resolve the issue!!! LOL

Hiya Sassy, I like this card, she is so pretty and the colours are terrific....don't know what your looking at....need some bifocals??? Just kidding....I like it, I like it a lot!
Hugs to you my crazy friend!!

Sue said...

Hi Sassy,
This is beautiful, what a pretty image, ooh I want that parasol and dress, I just love it, colour co-oridnated beautifully, Happy Crafting to you!! Sue xx la la la might stay for a while like this songrd!!LOL ha ha