Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My poem for Mum

The gentle winds are calling you
but sadly you cannot hear
the sun it shines upon me
but sadly you cannot feel
my love for you is aching which each new passing day
but you can never feel my love as your so far away
I'm sending you as always my heart so pure and true
and with it mum our memories
i pray will get me through
i have cried a river
my heart feels full of pain
your smile ill never see again ,nor you to speak my name
but always in my heart that smile of love remains
so if you can hear me mummy..or see me from above
please guide me through this time and guide me with your love'

well sorry for this entry but I'm loosing it big time today i hope you 'll forgive me for being personal but it will be my first birthday with out my hug and kiss from my own angel .......my mum.....i hope time does ease and i send all my love to you all that have lost loved ones...when I'm like this i have always wrote poems and mum loved reading them too i always had to try and write a poem for her birthday and mothers day especially she loved her cards no present just a card...thats all she ever requested
it helps me to express what i cannot say but also what i feel, i dont want to turn my blog into a shrine but i needed to write this down
my love goes to everyone who has lost a loved one
thanks for your understanding...xx


Christine said...

Ohhh Sassy this is lovely thank you for sharing this with me, so beautifull.

Bigs Hugs Christine xxxxxxx

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Oh Sassy, My keyboard is now wet with tears! What a beautiful poem and song....a tribute to your mum....what better gift! She is looking down on you and and proud beyond belief, knowing that the cards she requested are still being made and viewed by so many people all over the world! She must also know how you are touching so many other peoples lives, just by being you.
Hugs to you to get you through your day.
Loads of love,

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

What words you have wrote, they are just beautiful and express you innermost feelings.

Dont be afraid " to loose it " think of the happy times you both shared, and the memories you will hold in your heart forever.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful words with us.

" Partings are heartaches no one can heal
Memories are keepsakes no one can steal ".


June said...

Hiya sis just a likkle post if it works i will post more having probs huggies and love toots xxxxxxxxxx

June said...

My darling sis, I wish I could take away your pain as I know the state that you get into bless you. I want all you followers of my sis lovely blog to give her a big hug cos I do know it helpes her to know people care and realise what a wonderful lady she is.I love you sis all the moon and stars xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vicki said...

Oh Sassy you brought a tear to my eye, I still have my mum so don't know that feeling, but I lost one of my best friends last August and I still can't comprehend it, it' like a bad dream and I so wish it was - I sure hope times a healer too!

Take care

Vicki x

Leslie said...

I am so sorry about your mum. She was obviously a very special person in your life. I am sorry for your pain. I too have lost someone very important to me. My son died late last year. He was only 21. I miss him so much, each day I feel I miss him more, not less. I don't know when it gets better, I am beginning to believe that we just learn to live with the pain. How could we ever miss our loved ones any less? I hope your Mum and my son are both looking over the both of us. Would it be ok if I borrowed your poem to use at my son't grave site? If not, I understand. Your poem is beautiful.
Hope sunnier days come your way..and mine.

Chrissie said...

Ahhh Sassy, I really feel for you sweetie, I'm sending you lorry loads of hugs and vibes to help you through this sad time.
Your poem was lovely and made me cry, it's obvious how much you love and miss your Mum, try and stay strong and know that people are thinking of you.

Pamela said...

Crying buckets after reading that. Huge hugs to you Sassy. Don't apologise for showing your feelings, you obviously adored your mother and every 'first' anniversary will be this awful. But it does get better with time - trust me.

Sue said...

What a beautiful poem Sassy, I wrote a few when my mum passed away, 2oo3 that was and I still miss her dreadfully, time does heal but it took me about three years before it started to get easier, I just feel grateful to have had such a wonderful mum because some people are not so lucky, Keep that warm thought in your heart! Chin up! onwards and upwards! Big hugs Sue xxx

Diamond Doll said...

(((Big hugs Sue))) and thankyou for your love and the kind words on my blog.It,s a beautiful poem and i,m sure your Mum is looking over you and reading it.
Trish X X X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sassy,

I can't see what I'm writing here, my eyes and face are wet - big time!! This dedication to your mum is just WONDERFUL......... love it..... ohhhh..... snif, snif!!!

I am SO Sorry you no longer have your mum to share a hug and a kiss with......... so I'm sending you hugs with this post.......... ((HUGS)), yes, I'm sure she is watching over you.... take care

All the best - Carol xx

P.S> I'm on your list of followers -

yvonne said...

Sue,I am thinking of you.
the poem you have done, is just beautiful, I am sure your mum would have heard it and loved it.

Sherry said...

Beautiful poem Sassy - your Mum was a special lady and has a very special daughter too - I'm crying now xxxxxxxxxxx