Monday, 23 March 2009

Sorry buddies

so sorry for all the rubbishy bits you may have seen its only me trying to fathom out this linking business lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....want to say big thanks to my blogging buddies Diamond doll and viv for all the agro and questions im amazed i have a blog at such a numpty but think i have now achieved my goal....hoooray........its only took know thats sorted i hope will get my head round a card..........thanks for all your wonderful comments and for visiting my blog spelling mistakes and all ..i hope i have included their links to their fabby blogs...if so pay them a and hugs sassyx


Flippinpest said...

Glad you managed to sort it out. Well done!

Jackie said...

So pleased for you that it's sorted now Sassy, was getting frustrated for you :o)
Links is what I am still puzzling over but will get there one of these days :o)
Jackie xx

Clarky J said...

Gosh Sassy if you have fathomed out links you're doing better than me hun! Ive had 2 emails telling me how to do it but I still cant work it out???

Viv's Visuals said...

Flippin eck... linking???? You're getting very technical now matey!!

Christine said...

Glad you got it sored, now to get some creations made with your new stash, many congrats on your candy win Sassy.

hugs Christine xx

Viv said...

Knew yer cud do it me gud bud!!! Yer not as green as ye're cabbage looking are yer! LOL
It's like everything else, it's easy when you know how and you DID figger out the hyperlink all by yerself. ;0)
Viv xxx