Sunday, 8 March 2009

been playing

Been having a play as i felt my other lay out was too dark...hope this is better.......was a bit frightened as i didnt want to lose it all...but all seems there....scary stuff as poor sonia found out bless her one wrong click all that work gone and i havent been blogging long...but glad she is recovering and her blog looks fabulous .... this is my son ..not a good picci camera playing up.....might be the camera man i need to blame lol!!!!.....hugs sassxx


Diamond Doll said...

Fab piccy of you and your son Sue.
Trish (-:

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

I thought I left you a comment, but it must be floating around cyber space. Just looked your slide show and your cards are gorgeous, you are so talented.


dizzy di said...

New LO looking good Sassy :o)
I love the photo !