Saturday, 31 March 2012

Monster or Nice you decide

Evening ALL!!!!!! you wonderful ladies and gents.....well  im in a right old two and eight..and sweeties and  if your reading this you will have seen my card or should i say my mamooose card LOL!!!! New  commission...she wanted  extra extra special 40th anniversay..unique well the last statement is ok..but heck i dunno if its too ott or completly of the scale barking on madness ..i know im a nutter and go mad but i am old teehehe....just wondering if i should have sat in the box instead off thinking outside the i just dont know if this is gonna be a like too much of a muchness..i really need help either good comments or bad or medication or all of the well stressed over this true but be gentle i know i dont float everyones boats  (with my indulgent OTTness) but this time i feel like the titanic low....SUNKEN to depths of the unknown reaction wise ...but sasssy hugs to you all  as always mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only good thing i really liked was my new copics Y28 lionet gold..and yep i coloured with copics added flowers hobbiycraft in fact everything except the imagination was bought at hobbycraft..just need to make a box 8x8 omg!!!!what have i done.. have created a monster!!!!!!!card or something nice???? going to po this into


Doreen said...

I love this Sassy,love the shoe,and a wonderful

Jackie said...

It's a stunner Sassy, so gorgeous. She wanted special and you've created special :o)
Jackie xx

Lora said...

I'm going to be totally honest here....this card is fabulous! It's unique, big, bold and looks really special, what more could a woman want?
I think your customer will love it!
Good luck with making that 8x8 box though!! lol
Oh and thanks for the visit hun :)
I really think you should challenge yourself and make a peach card! I wasn't sure about doing an all peach card because like you it's a colour I never use, but I quite like how it turned out, so I'm sure yours will be fab!
Hugs Lora xx

Lee said...

WOW,it's absolutely STUNNING,I really mean that.Huggles xxx

June Nelson said...

Its amazing me darlink!!! everythign you do is amazing!!!! dont know what to say!! just beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maureen said...

Beautiful Sue, love the colours!!

Irene said...

Hello Sassy

Your card is Wonderful, stunning and so gorgeous. I love the shoe stamp and design lauout.


Michele Roos said...

This is such a wonderful card. I love the design and the colours are fabulous. Thanks for joining us this fortnight at Truly Scrumptious. Hugs Michele x