Monday, 9 November 2009

Think ill stay and annoy yer lol!!!!!!!

Cor blimey what a palava!!!!!!!! BUT hoooooray!!! i love my hubby.....he has done a total refit....cant find anything now.. though but has got rid of the flamin virus that was killing me computor off.we tried uping the security but that had a knock on wiv other stuff thanks for the help that was left but alls ok i hope ....ive lost loads of stuff but im gonna be staying around a little longer lol!!!!!havent a clue what happened but its been horrid but him being the clever so and so he is has re done everything..except a few things had to go but who cares....i really though i was a it was really silly but upsetting...anyway you have me a while longer nananaaa!!! heres one i have been playing with well two actually....whilst the computor has had a good clean....ttfn love yer ALL and would have missed you terribly....xxxx


Lilacanglia said...

So glad you are staying,
well done to your hubby,
Adorable projects,

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Sassy, your vintage Christmas cards and tags are just breathtakingly beautiful! Fantastic job with them. No wonder the lady wants more!!! Well done you!
Sorry you've had computer probs....been there not too long ago and it's terribly frustrating. Glad that you are up and running and ready to WOW us some more with your lovely creations.
Extra big hugs for Wednesday!!!

Jackie said...

Love your cards Sassy and it's so good you are staying, what would we do without you :o)
Jackie xx

Irene said...

Hello Sassy

Woooooooooooooo fantastic, you are still with us blogging - great. Well done to your hubby.

Two beautiful cards with fantastic images and gorgeous embellies. Love the tags.