Monday, 2 November 2009


Hiyas hunnies....just had to tell you i have just sold another five of my cards on my i never sell really id sooner give them away also had two commisions ordered for a 100th birthday...but doooh!!! i did them and forgot to take piccis silly numpty that i am....anyway she was deligted so i am a happy bunnie..i never rate my stuff of worthy exchange for money..but thought id give it a go and all together ive sold ten cards...anyways i had a play last week and forgot i made this now she ant the cutest card but it was a new stamp and i just coloured her in polywhatsits as i was poorley and found it this is it..she one for the charity shop me thinks....papers from paper cellar...broken chrimble flowers..i scored the gold backing to look like a frame ..think i got away with it lol!!!..not very ott for me though is it ?well change is as good as a rest..loves yer and thanks for any comments you may wish to leave..ttfn xxxxxx


Crystal said...

Oh my Sassy what a GORGEOUS Holiday creation!!!

June said...

Well blow me down with a feather, what a wondeful card especialy when y ou were ill me likkle sis. Whats wrong wiv it like!!!!!! too critical far too critical, its beautiful and if you dont sell it you can send it to the nelson charity shop, will send on the addy, they are a very deserving cause for clapped out old cardmakers tired of sitting!! thanks for the natter you certainly cheered me up, oh and my snowman was definatly whiter pmsl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loves yer sis xxxxxxxxx

random said...

wow sassy thats gorgeous. This is june from dezinaworld ... i will email you the sheets you ordered. i just got your message and havent yet checked my email so didnt know the order was in. you will recieve them soon
hugs June xxxx

Diamond Doll said...

Wow another gorgeous card Sue,gereat news selling your cards on ebay but i,m not surprised they are unique.
Trish (-:

Leslie said...

She's a beauty.

Sherry said...

Hiya Sassy, congratulations on your sales! Not suprised as all your cards are always amazing! Love your new look blog - and music too!!! Talking of amazing new looks - just look at you in your profile picture!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog by way of your Sister, who I found yesterday...
Like your Sister, I can only say your card's are beautiful.
A true insiration, so I am going to follow you too.....I can't miss out on any more of this.
I have been having a good old read on your blog and think a new blog space for getting worries and stresses is a great idea, I would be up for shouting my anger's and crying on shoulder's..
My MIL is in Compton hospice right now with the big C, and I just feel helpless.It's a very sad time, in a strange way my blog is helping me cope.

Just realised your from the same neck of the wood's as me too.

Be back soon

Tab said...

oooh totally delish,sweetie, love the colours and the image is too cute!
Congrats on the card sales too, that is fab news!
Hugs Tab xxx

Lynne-d-lou said...

Congrats Sassy. Your cards are truely worth selling as you found out! Love this one too.
Hugs. Lynne. XXX

Sarah said...

Fabulous cards and a gorgeous blog. Found you via Yorkie Lover, talent obviously runs in the family. I love June's work and think of her as a special crafty friend. Sarah x

sam said...

Well done on your sales hun - you'll have to tell me how you did it? I put a few on there and they didn't even get a look at! Your cards are fab hun so don't put yourself down.
Take care
Sam x