Friday, 24 April 2009

lost property

Help!!!!!! i went out and have lost me mojo.....if you can return mojo to me i would be one happy bunnie hahahhalol!!!!i just cant muster any inspiration whatsoever......although i have had one of the weeks from hell with work related probs i am drained and confused and i just havent the strength to lift some card!!!or fight my way out of a paper bag....pmsl... i wanna play cards no not snap or poker....i wanna create hoo!!!! anyone out please feel free to give me a kick up the bum...and get me jolted back into my majic world of crafting..oh well hells kitchens on in a will have a watch and that might ignite my juices lol!!!!! but dont wanna cook...but he might move or stir..something in!! now!!! you naughty things i dont mean sexy thoughts with marco.....hi hopes or wishful thinking.....right gonna sign off for a wee while..hopes you all have a brilliant week gonna try to enjoy it...and hope if i search i just might find my mojo hiding under my everything else i loose tata..thanks for popping by.....


Linda said...

Hi Sue, might of left it on the line, when u was talking to me. Your head must of been wrecked, when helping me out. You'll get it back 2moro. Big hugs to ya! lin xx

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Ok is the huge kick up the bum you asked for and coming all the way across the pond it's gonna hurt!!!! What do you mean you lost your mojo....are those toddlers tantrums getting to you again???? You will find it again, when you least expect it....probably around 3 am in the morning!!!! LOL Go enjoy Hell's kitchen coz if that doesn't motivate you nothing will!!
Come on we want to see more of your breathtaking cards!!!! PLEASE< PLEASE> PLEASE!!!!
Have a fabulous weekend and look forward to seeing your mojo return....want me to send you some Florida sunshine??? Maybe a palm tree or two???

June said...

Oh No you cant lose your mojo sis, I bet its hiding under the bed you know cos marvin will be playing with it, you go have a look lol.
Have a wonderful day sis and i will trya nd contact you later cos you havent answered me mails!!!!!! loves yer loads and loads toots xxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

Hi Sassy,
I have left you two deserving awards over on my blog. I hope they give you a little lift. Sue xx

My name is CINDY...... said...

haha - have you found it yet? I think mine sometimes drops in the bin when I tidy my desk up in the evening.

Have a good week. Cindy x

Christine said...

Hi Sassy you must have what I lost cos I was the same 2 days ago must be catching so make sure you pass it on & be quick about it..LOL
no realy realy I was exhausted from gardening so DONT WORK to hard sending you

BIG HUGS Christine xxxxx

carol said...

aaah have you not found your mojo know what i do when i lose something i go back to what i was doing then i remember where i put it... simple see, i bet its even better than before when you find it, hugs carol xx