Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My episode on Me and Mr Gardener plus new hat

Hiya my sweets ...sorry not a card yet but maybe Friday.....its about time i gave the hats a break and did some colouring in but you will have to wait for my DT on Crafty Catz new challenge...its not that fabulous though cor the old wrists hurt with colouring but its all i could muster....but onto something else i would like to share you guessed a new hat ....done some more shoes but ill wait and bore you all on another day lol!!! first day back to work i wanted to play instead of hearing them moan about the grass and the purple heather (which is what i called it...heheh) which admittedly haven't ever seen on our lawns before...and (((please read on or skip the waffle--unless you wanna ))))

oh dear said  Mr Gardener of the year (not his real name but confidentiality and all that.......well he was in a right two and eight..**they gotta put  poison on  it is very very very evasive..he continues shouting ....need loads of weed killer the stronger the better ..he went on again think he was turning a bit blue at this point... strong enough to kill the cats** ARGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! wanted to punch his face in cuse me  i said but everything has to be PET FRIENDLY !!! yes i shouted at him...he said *just because you have a bloody cat*** at which point sassy wanted to gouge his eyes out with a HOT SPOON.....very very hot!!! SO angry with his attitude..but calmed myself and told him i will deal with it when i speak to those sodding gardeners i will so a hasty retreat by me before i did something my mum told me never to do..than to hit VERY small men with veryLARGE gobs lol!!!! so ill shut up gosh on a waffle day here's my creation hope you like my hats are selling on eBay and had a commission on Sunday for a ivory one that has sold so i rustled up one just for her and shes promised me a picci of her wearing it on 19th silly me forgot to take a picci ....right im off for my tea..will pop in on all you wonderful peeps approx 1hr....loves yer all for the comments left sassy hugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sue - bearhouse said...

WOW! This is stunning Sassy, a gorgeous colour and wonderful design.
Hugs Sue xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

It is official now my darling Sassy you really are a Mad Hatter he he, I hope that bloke ends up with a garden full of cats S**t lol. nearly forgot to say that the Hat is fabulous!!!
Kevin xx

tilly said...

a stunning hat no wonder they sell so well
nice to see you back

tilly's crafts said...

sounds like you've been having fun Sassy - some people you could just never get tired of slapping! and a gorgeous red hat too!
Kim x

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Oh dear ... what a difficult day you had! Hope this one is much better. Sometimes we just have to ask our Mom's to close their ears & eyes and 'do what we have to do'!
Anyways ... this hat is STUNNING as are all you've made! I was just telling my husband about these beautiful creations! I am SO IMPRESSED with your talents!
Hang in there dear, sweet Sassy ... better days ahead I hope!

Moni said...

Waw great details on the hat, fab colour. Hugs;moni