Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tis only me popping in

Well a BIG hiya;s I'm sorry i have been a bad blogger and i  been having a rotten time so many  hospital glad when i get results of my MRI oh my they were horrendous talk of Hannibal lector and the with work not much time to play but i have 8 days off from Thursday so I'm going to get my pens out i have had a break from my DT at Crafty Catz as any inspiration for colouring is absent But i have not given up although the thought did cross me mind but get this week out the way and im hopeful i can get some mojo in the meantime i haven't been too idle and did another rescue on these shoes you may or may not be aware i do EBay and bought a job lot of wedding shoes ages ago  some are superb the odd few are damaged as was this pair and rather than consigning  them to the bin i have altered them and you know what I'm like when i get into my lace box i have been learning  few tips on making  ribbony things thanks to you tube so not completely idle hands i hope you like them shame i cant wear them as there a size 5 not get my big toe!!!

Made this tooo...
and this...hehheh xx

 will try and pop around tonite as hubs is on a late shift and im home and miss you all biggest hugs sassyxxxxxxxxxxxx


Aunty Sue said...

Hooray my little sunshine has appeared we have been getting worried about you no sign of you. OMG these are just stunning you need open a shope adore each and everyone of them. Did you get the tape I sent as it was just as you took your holiday. Sorry to hear that you are still visiting the hospital. BIG BIG HUGS

Desire Fourie said...

Awesome wedding creations. Hope you feel better soon.
{I would love you to take part in my 600 Follower Give-away. Thank you so much if you have already entered and good luck.} Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Rita said...

Hello Sassy, I thought you might be unwell. Hopefully your MRI scan is ok and you get good results. Beautiful shoes and just my size, but oh, I have not walked on heels like that for years. I loved my stilettos when I was younger though. Your fascinated are gorgeous. Your a really clever cookie. Take Care of yourself Sassy, and hopefully we'll hear from you soon. Hugs Rita xxx

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Oh my dear these are STUNNING!!! You are SO TALENTED (and all I can make are these crumby little cards!) You amaze me!
Hope all the testing goes well for you ... keeping you in my prayers! HUGS from OHIO, USA!

carol said...

WOW sassy these look fantastic you little talented person you...
I am glad to see you on here, i did send you another e-mail, hope you got it ok, it sounds like you may have.
take care and keep in touch hunny x carol

cebelica said...

I'm sorry you haven't been well. I hope you will feel better soon!
Those shoes are stunning! If I saw these in the store and if by miracle they had my number, I'd definitely buy them. All your creations are fab! Hugs! xx

heidy said...

Wow Sassy these are gorgeous!!
XXX Heidy

Sue - bearhouse said...

So nice to hear from you again Sassy.
These are stunning!!!
I hope the MRI results are okay for you.
Take care
hugs Sue xx

Jackie said...

Morning Sassy, so good to see you and your wonderful creations. Don't give up, you need these good times to lift you from the bad times...hugs
Jackie xx

Viv said...

Hya my favourite Queen of Bling.
So sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your health. Here's hoping the MRI reveals the root cause and you can begin feeling better.
Get these, and all the other fabulous creations on Ebay you will make a killing my love!
Take care Trout, love ya! xxx

coops said...

wow these are fabulous beautiful and pretty :D
I hope your health is better soon.

xx coops xx

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Moni said...

Stunning project. You are fab desiner. Hugs,moni

tilly said...

what super makes......pleased you have been ding things, hope you get good results

Viv said...

You are just sooooo clever Sassy,what fabulous creativity here, love love them :) Viv xx

Susie Sugar said...

So many gorgeous accessories will be a famous hat and shoe designer soon Sue are so clever they are all so lovely xx