Monday, 9 July 2012

BOW and a card

Afternoon hunnies..oh my i WON CANDY...from the lovely MANDY!!!!OH MANDY 2 gorgeous  LOTV stamps and some super dooper chuffed ...welll its warm suns out.....washing out again in a bit *D* day at Drs a bit later......decisions decisions........not gonna waffle nows theres a change my friend picked up the cards late yesterday and was thrilled so happy bunny....NOW!!! she never offered  me a penny piece..its not that i really mind..but it cost me ....even a donation would have been nice..a offer would have been nicer...and she went on to say she knew id do a masterpiece..and that she  knew i could do a really special something lovely for Eiliane and she said all the cards she looked in the shops were rank and far too expensive .and not half as good as mine..yeah!!!right ...i like her allot but she did ask me to make it...i gave her mine also the photo is without the 40 you will have to imagine it lol!!!!sorry said i wasnt gonna waffle....i lied heheh...right card is quite tiny one and having probs with the skin tones now my friend Mina is helping god bless her..she has the patience of a still not there but practising like a good un!!...stil iwas in a rush to give this to Emma ...for Eiliane so its acceptable i only did her upper body.. in inks . shes a yummy stamp from Whymsy...cut it on a nestie mounted on 3d and lialacs bow..looks huge oh dear!!! so told Emma it a bow and a card..not a card with a bow....but i do know she loves she'll like it i hope...added ahint of glamour a quickie.....hope you like it and once again thanks my darlinks for all the comments it does so make a difference to my confidence witch at the moment  is in the gutter.....sasy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

ttfn see you soon xxxxxxx


Caroline said...

Gorgeous card love the image and the layout is stunning. Take card. Hugs Caroline xxx

Tonya said...

Gorgeous card, Sassy!

I agree you should have been paid, or at least offered.

Rebecca " The miss Haven " said...

Beautiful card sassy :)Tfs !
Hugs Rebecca

sue - bearhouse said...

Your card is stunning Sassy. I adore the image and I love the soft way you have coloured her. I love the layout and the yummy Sassy embellishments are fabulous - especially the bow!!

Take care
Hugs Sue

Sara H said...

Your card is so fabulous! Super pretty image and beautiful colouring and embellies!!! I love it!
Oh and the next time your friend ask you to do a card, make an ugly one, even though I think It´s impossible for you to do that =D
have a great week =)

Janette said...

Hi Sassy, Oh the cheek of some people, thing is it's just nice to be's not that you want money for them...although I must confess I wish I could sell thats not it is well, next time say sod

Onto your gorgeous card, it's very elegant and pretty and the bow is fab......AND....I knew you'd won that candy, meant to say congrats on the team blog and

Donna said...

Oh Miss Sassy,

Your cards are so beautiful, and I would be so embarrassed to have asked someone as talented as you are to make something special, spur of the moment and then just say thank you, like they just fell out of your ears!

Not only the money involved, which keeps many from even trying the craft, but the time it takes to just make a decent card, not to mention the masterpieces you produce. I would never think of doing this for a friend, to a friend! Wow, how selfish she is!

Chalk this up to another gift you made, one for each - and maybe the next time you may have to say up front what you think she would pay. Or have a few made up ladies like her may choose from with a price on them.

I cringe when I've been on the lazy side and need to buy a card and for $4 you get a mediocre card with a few sprinkles of glitter! Flowers or ribbon - well printed on the card, maybe, but nothing like what you make (I do too, so I know the time and money it takes!) I think your friend was quite rude!

On the other hand, your birthday friend loves you for the beauty you created JUST FOR HER. She might have even noted that she knew they must have cost your mutual friend, and maybe that brought some shame.

Your work is beautiful, Sassy, so just keep that in the front of this situation. Just gorgeous! Like your friendship!

Hope your doc visit goes well!

Have a wonderful week dear friend!


tilly's crafts said...

gorgeous card Sassy - love the image and soft effect
Kim x

Moni said...

Stunning card Sassy, cute image and great details and colours. Hugs,moni

Doreen said...

Love this card....a beautifully coloured image and

Jackie said...

Wonderful card Sassy. How rude of your friend to not pay for her card. I wouldn't be making any more for her without quoting a price first!
Jackie xx

June Nelson said...

Its gorgeous me darlin and your coloruing is lovely too, I cant see anything worng with it, love it!!!!!! beautiful colours too, huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Lovely card Sassy! I love these images! Congrats on winning the candy! Judy x

angelwhispers said...

The cheek of it I just couldn't do anything like that I would be so embarrassed!!! Another beautiful card and loving the big bow! Love Chanelle xxx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Sassy she is a cheeky monkey and shows what a lovely person and kind friend not to have said anything. She is so lucky to have such a talented kind friend. Hugs Sue and congrats on the candy

Shelby said...

This card is so beautifully soft and sweet. Love the feathers you've used.


Ribbon Girl said...

Sassy your card is beautiful and your bow is fabulous! I hope you have a nice week and your visit to the doctor goes well, hugs from Mary G x

Pop's Cards said...

Hi sweetie this is just simply stunning, love the colours that you have used too, gorgeous work, hugs Pops x x x

Francine said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Sweet, soft and elegant.
Beautiful creation.
Have a nice week-end.
PS: sorry to read this about your friend... :-((