Sunday, 8 January 2012

another rubbish attempt lol

Hia well thanks to all those who visited me and my new cards which took some doing and cant believe its been so long since i made a creation of sorts the daily grind is so consumming and hubbies shifts have changed so find little or no time for playing plus my health has been upand down like a yo yo im still on daily injections but hope fingers crossed i will be off them end of January have to see what the consultant says and i hope he says yes..i really am sick of injecting myself everyday how on earth do diabetics cope i have tummy like a pin cushion and black as anything but all keeping me here on planet earth so i have to be good and do what they card is rather different for me ive gone all punkie in my older years...colours were a callenge to match but hey ho had a go.....but deffo must practise more i hope your all having a gr8 weekend just off to cook tea..scrummy jkt spuds and a leek onin pie a few pees on the side me thinks...mmm hungery now ..thanks for popping in love xxx


June Nelson said...

Whats wrong with this like!! now here misus its a lovely card, sot here moan as much as you want he he the greens are so different!!! xxxx

Jackie said...

Oh hush up about it being rubbish, it's nothing of the sort. I love the colours :o)
Jackie xx

nikki halliburton said...

Love your card it is Gorgeous
love and Hugs Nikki x