Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pretty in Pink and hospital update

A big thanks for all the kind messages about my health issues im not quite there yet but working on getting this last bit to continue is on 22nd june i have had two stays in hospital one for 6 weeks started in March i was incredibly poorley and at deaths door all my family were scared and i didnt realise this un-till i felt better how very ill i was..i had to go in again in May for 11 days all ongoing treatment this machine was one i was hooked too for 48hrs constant whch was quite boring as i couldnt move about but whats 48 hrs if it helps save your life...the drs and nurses have all been wonderful i owe them so much and as i took my images and polycromos in with me to ease the 2nd stay..i hit a bad day when i bled internally again and was rushed to MRI but thankfully only this time it was minute compared to my first hemmorage
its not been easy and im a dreadful patient althogh the welcome they all gave me when i returned for extra needles i also i took three handmade cards with me to say a big thanks plus choccis i was very overwhemled as they all said i looked fabulous (well i did make a effort as i had looked so deathly...LOL!!!so this picci was my infusion the card was one i took and coloured during my stay hope you like it and guess what its my fav colour hehehe


Janette said...

Beautiful card, I hope your soon well again.xx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Stunning card x