Monday, 18 January 2010

Pink creation

hiya everyone.....just popped in to say HI!!!! and ever had a moment when you thought about a card you made like yonk's ago...for some reason i had a card in my head that was quite complex and as im struggling with missing mojo again...i thought id try and find it somewhere in the archives...and do it!!!! well ive searched and searched and getting very frustrated UNTILL!!! i found it and having looked at it i havent got the foggiest idea how on earth i made it..remember making it ...remember being quite happy with the finished result rember the punch i used...remembered the card stock colour too surprise surprise it was pink....then i realised i cant make it it was two toned card stock and havent a clue where to but thought id show it you now i remembered where i stored the picci..... i might go a googling......hopes your all okey dokey and thanks for stopping by....lvs


Leslie said...

What a beautiful card

Crystal said...

Sassy this is beautiful, LOVE this design LVOE LOVE those bows!